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Stormwater, Groundwater, Wastewater Treatment & Sludge Dewatering

Stormwater Treatment

Stormwater is a problem because it carries a lot of pollution along with it wherever it flows. In urban areas much of the land is covered by impervious surfaces such as streets, buildings, parking lots and driveways.

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Groundwater Treatment

Due to its instant availability and quality, Groundwater has become the prime source of drinking water among common people. Almost fifty percent of the world population depends on groundwater for their daily drinking water supply.

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Industrial Wastewater

Once water has served its many residential and commercial uses, it must be treated to be reused, treated to enter the public utility wastewater treatment process or treated to return to the environment in a manner consistent with water quality regulations.

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Sludge Dewatering

ATS can handle your dewatering and sludge management needs. ATS can discharge water from your project within the prescribed requirements and still save money on the disposal of your waste material.

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Engineering Services

Active Treatment Systems has a wealth of experience in consulting, engineering, lab testing, dewatering and treating stormwater, groundwater and industrial wastewater from large complex systems to small municipal systems.

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Lab Services

Your analyses are performed by well-trained scientists in a state of the art laboratory that was designed specifically for your needs. Services include balances, standard volumetric labware and chemicals, polymer/coagulants testing.

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“I would encourage you to find a way to get away from the office and see this site. It is an example of everything right, and I don’t offer that up lightly. It is the first time in over four years I have felt comfortable having an active site open for training. And you really need to see the Active Treatment Systems, Inc. installation, as well as the ICC storm water management implantation. They are text book. Well, they will be text book because they exceed the standards.”
Luncinda, Mud Hen Environmental, LLC, Sacramento
“There are several things about Active Treatment Systems, Inc. that impressed us. The company is very service oriented and effectively communicated the planned procedure to accomplish the task at hand. You put together a timeline showing all of the activities leading up to achieving the project goals. ATS maintain good communication with Geomatrix and was able to rapidly adjust schedules and procedures to changing site conditions. Geomatrix and our clients were particularly please with the serious and thorough way in in which ATS treated the health and safety aspects of the project.”
Grant Ohland, Geomatrix, Denver, CO
“Greenbriar Homes Communities is appreciative for the way in which Clear Water worked with us. The project performance exceeded our expectations and Active Treatment Systems worked with us to finish the benefit of Greenbriar.”
Edward A. Gaudreau, Greenbriar Homes Communities, Fremont, CA

Commitment To Our Customers

At ATS we provide innovative water treatment solutions that protect the environment. Our focus is on our customers, our drive is toward our vision, and our passion is in our people. ATS was founded and operates on core principles of integrity, respect and innovation. We make water quality our business, so you can focus on yours!