About Active Treatment Systems

Active Treatment Systems, Inc. goes to great lengths to instill in every employee the importance of ethical business practices. ATS employees operate on the following principles:

ATS Cornerstone Principles for Conducting Business

  • Our owners, managers, and employees shall, at all times, do whatever it takes to exceed the expectations of their clients.
  • Our owners, managers, and employees shall, at all times, bring the highest level of integrity to their work, and will never compromise their principles – never.
  • Our owners, managers, and employees shall, at all times, in their dealings with others, consider the best interests of all affected parties.
  • Our owners, managers, and employees shall, at all times, strive to improve their technology, their service, and themselves.
  • Our owners, managers, and employees believe that, by rigorously following these principles, they will always be successful in business, successful in service to their community, and successful in life itself.

Our History

Active Treatment Systems, Inc. was founded in 2005 as Clear Water Compliance Services of California, Inc. in response to the implementation and enforcement of new phases of the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act. These regulations enhance the need for specialized erosion control and water treatment services at construction and industrial sites. The company built itself on the platform of technology and reputation of Clear Water Compliance Services in Washington State which had become an industry leader very quickly by setting high standards for systems and operations. Clear Water Washington was one of the first independent companies authorized to perform water treatment at construction sites on behalf of the general contractor. Today, there is no business or ownership connection between ATS and Clear Water Washington.

Active Treatment Systems, Inc. has a strong core of dedicated professionals, most of whom have been with the company since its inception. ATS personnel have education and professional expertise in environmental science, construction management, chemistry, engineering, soil and water remediation, and industrial water treatment. The ATS goal is to provide its customers with the highest level of expertise in the industry. It is a fundamental ATS business strategy to keep this firm foundation of talent in place through all business cycles and to date they have been unwavering in keeping this commitment.

ATS solutions have been used on many projects, ranging in size from small residential construction sites to multiple acre commercial and large scale infrastructure projects like road improvement, dam rehabilitation, tunneling, trenching, groundwater dewatering for deep footing high rise structures and more. ATS business is all about temporary systems for water cleanup on construction and industrial sites and mine sites. ATS services a wide variety of clients including small to large scale builders, engineering contractors, wood products companies, municipalities and special districts and more. All treatment system designs focus on safeguards to protect the environment and keep customers in compliance with regulations. From initial planning to completion, ATS’s years of experience in handling difficult water quality issues differentiate them from all others.

Officers and Advisors