How Planning For Stormwater Can Save You

Planning For Stormwater Everyone knows planning for stormwater is crucial in keeping construction on schedule, but the time it takes to process your ATS submittal takes more proactive planning than most would expect.   Do I Need A SWPPP? This is the golden question, and one that is in your best interest to account for! [...]

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Water Found Beneath Drought-Stricken California

Drought Conditions Demand Water Extreme drought conditions may create the demand for more well drilling in California. A new study from Stanford researchers reports that there are trillions of gallons of water under California's Central Valley. While water found beneath drought-stricken California is good news, the unfortunate reality is that the water is located 1,000 to [...]

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The Truth About Groundwater in California

It is no secret that groundwater levels are dangerously low, but sustainable solutions remain elusive. Water scarcity is a pressing issue in a state which relies on groundwater availability for the majority of it's $54 billion agricultural industry, according to California's Department of Food and Agriculture. 40% of California's water supply is drafted from groundwater [...]

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So what is Groundwater? Why do I need to be concerned?

Groundwater is a vital resource that 50% of the United States relies upon as a source of drinking water; It is essential that we do not have contaminants in our water. Beneath the Earth’s surface, plumes of pollution that permeate through sedimentation and substrates of the Earth can sometimes find their way to overlap our [...]

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How an Active Treatment System Works!

In construction, you move ahead with the best intentions, operate within the parameters of local/state/federal regulations, and do your best to keep costs down.  It is difficult to predict costs with unknown conditions that are ever present in construction; weather and what lies beneath the surface of your site.  Even with the most thorough geotechnical [...]

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El Niño and La Niña Explained

“El Niño is Coming…” You’ve heard the cries, the warnings, the doubts...what does it mean for you?  In short, it means be prepared for the sudden and prolonged weather events due to larger than normal precipitation occurrences. Develop a plan to keep your construction schedule moving. For more information about  “El Nino”, read on... Have a [...]

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RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY Being in Northern California, you would think it is crazy for anyone to want rain not to come around. California seems to have been in a drought for ages now, but the fact that we are actually getting some rain provides much needed relief to numerous parts of the ecosystem.  Most [...]

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Whitney Ranch – Rocklin, CA

Whitney Ranch was a 1,600 Acre residential development in Rocklin, CA. On-site work was by Phil Reome Construction and subcontracted to Newland Communities. This was the first ATS project. In 2005/2006 ATS discharged 23,000,000 gallons of stormwater, while being 100% within the permit limits. Click here to view more projects we have successfully treated!

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