Water Treatment Engineering Services

Active Treatment Systems, Inc. (ATS) provides wastewater engineering and consulting services for all facets of stormwater, groundwater and industrial wastewater, which include:

  • Assistance with NPDES and local permit application
  • Site evaluations to determine site conditions to establish system design including: hydrology, flow dynamics and system placement.
  • Bench Scale Testing for Polymer Selection and Water Treatability

Why Choose ATS?

Extensive experience in the design and in the production has rendered ATS a point of reference in the handling of aggressive liquids and fluids to be protected from contamination up to the satisfaction of our client.
We defines Quality in terms of successful performance of attributes such as excellence in design, material suitability, manufacturing compliance,safety and cleanliness, timely delivery and effectiveness that are entrusted to us by our clients.
We believe that quality is a discipline if practiced regularly and often enough rewards us with leadership and increased customer satisfaction. It is our endeavor to consistently and regularly ensure and enforce the quality standards of our products and services.

ATS works with their collaborators to round out the disciplines required to complete these tasks. If you would like to talk to us about our water treatment engineering services, please call (916) 652-9745, or send us a request for information.