Sludge Dewatering Management

ATS can handle your dewatering and sludge management needs. ATS can discharge water from your project within the prescribed requirements and still save money on the disposal of your waste material.
ATS possesses sludge dewatering equipment that can help lower the disposal cost of your sludge material. ATS can manage sludge generated from dredging operations, municipal detention facilities, collection ponds, and process bi- products. By using chemical processes, we bind the fine particles together and then remove the water from the sludge so the material becomes “stackable”. In most cases, we are able to re-classify the waste and reduce disposal cost compared to conventional methods. In some cases, we have saved companies as much as 50% on their disposal fee.

Services Include:

  • Dredging Projects
  • Mining Operations
  • Wineries/Vineyards
  • Private Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Large Stormwater Detention Facilities

ATS has developed a mobile decant facility. This technology will allow your public works department to meet the Phase II NPDES maintenance requirements for your stormwater conveyance system. By bringing the decant facility to the site we can help increase your efficiency and lower your disposal cost.