Stormwater Treatment Services

With current NPDES permits for construction requiring a diligent effort to manage and control water quality, ATS can assist with meeting difficult water quality standards. ATS specializes in getting through the difficulties of meeting NPDES permit requirements. When conventional BMPs are not reducing the turbidity levels required in your discharge permit, we can provide stormwater treatment options to meet your needs.

ATS begins at the design phase of your project and continues through to project completion. We have in-line remote monitoring capabilities and can generate reports summarizing the data collected for your records.

ATS can keep projects open and minimize the risk of stop work orders or fines, even in the wet months of the year. During wetter months we have treated millions of gallons per day of turbid water that exceeds 1,000 NTU to below 10 NTU at discharge. Our record speaks for itself; since 2006 we have been treating water for customers without any water quality discharge violations.

Why Choose ATS?

Chemical treatment includes the application of chemicals to stormwater to aid in the reduction of turbidity caused by fin suspended sediment.

Our practice strives to reduce environmental impacts by focusing on the control, conveyance, reduction, and treatment of stormwater runoff through a wide variety of stormwater practices and natural design techniques.

Stormwater conveyance design and analysis requires the engineer to consider a number of system components, including open channels, inlets, roadway crossings, storm sewers, and detention facilities.

With full site engineering capabilities, we also provide flexible site design services on select projects with a focus on meeting the challenges of specifying a wide variety of stormwater management practices integrated throughout a site.