With Fall finally here and Winter quickly approaching, stormwater is on everybody’s mind.

Stormwater Awareness Week is finally here! We’re very excited to share what this week has in store.


So what is Stormwater Awareness Week and why should you be interested in what this week has to offer?

In short this week can be summarized as “… a collaboration effort of the storm water community that exists to provide an opportunity for earning professional development credits free of charge. As we like to say, “Storm water education shouldn’t be big business.”


But we at Active Treatment Systems like to think of it as much more. By educating and discussing the various aspects of stormwater and BMP practices we not only ensure safe and progressive management on construction sites, but we ensure two crucial points that encompass the motive of why we do the work we do, to protect and preserve our environment.

With stormwater management on construction sites being mandated by law, this week is an incredible opportunity to receive essential knowledge without the typical costs associated, as free seminars are being given across Northern California starting September 26th – September 30th.


National conferences can be costly which is why Stormwater Awareness Week was born in 2012 and has been growing at a rapid pace ever since. In 2015 alone, Stormwater Awareness Week hosted 70 different free events across the state of California relevant to industrial and municipal sectors. Not only is the knowledge beneficial AND free, but you can even receive PDH units as well which are seldom offered at national conferences.

Active Treatment Systems, Inc, through Vernon Slater, will be presenting at the WGR Stormwater Week next week at 11AM on Tuesday the 27th in Lodi, California.  Our training session is titled “Get Active with an Active Treatment System”.

He will also be towing and setting up one of the ATS Control Units and providing guided tours, as well as, doing some lab chemistry demonstrations during the presentation.

We hope to see you there!